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  Puck Cups are a high quality 16oz pint glass attached to an authentic and detachable, interlocking hockey puck coaster. The glass is designed slightly thicker than a standard pint glass. The puck is the same exact size, shape, thickness, hardness and rubber of a standard hockey puck. The puck is also designed with a small gap to actually catch the condensation from the glass, while also adding a lot more stability and versatility to where you can bring the glass without working about breaking it while setting it down.  You can rep our mascot “Chuck” or we customize them right here in the USA. Customize your cups for your team, business, or local watering hole. Puck Cups were invented by a couple of D league hockey players who were tired of drinking out of the same old pint glasses after their hockey games and wanted something much cooler..the rest is history.  Invented by hockey players, for hockey players, to help enjoy your favorite games and support some good causes! Ask about our High School fundraiser program! info@puckcups.com

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